The Whitewater Weightlifting Program

Just recently, there has been a new program announced. You may have heard of it… It’s called the Whitewater Weightlifting Program. This is a joint effort across a number of whitewater rafting agencies to bring a level of health and fitness awareness to the sport of whitewater rafting.

It’s a super interesting thing that’s happening actually… Visit your local whitewater rafting center to find if they are participating in the program. If they are, you are in luck as it really is a good program to get involved in. Plus, it is heavily discounted or even free in some centers.

You will learn:

  • How to get into and stay in great shape
  • How to improve your strength and how to apply this to rafting
  • Nutritional advice on improving weight

What you might need:

Depending on the level of weightlifting that you wish to take part in, you might need to get a few pieces of equipment. If you lift heavy weights, the type of equipment that you need will be different to if you just want to do some light work.

Weightlifting Shoes And Getting The Right Equipment

So, many of our members have decided to take part in weightlifting (or any sport for that matter), so they go out and spend a small fortune on all the latest and greatest equipment.  And what happens is that they either lose interest in the sport and so the money is wasted or they simply didn’t need all of that equipment in the first place.

For many sports just go and speak to your instructor to find out what you really need.  When it comes to weightlifting, you need some comfortable sports clothes.  If you lift heavier weights, it’s likely that you will need a good quality set of weightlifting gloves that won’t fall apart after a few sessions.  If you perform heavy squats or deadlifts, it’s a good idea to acquire a good set of weightlifting shoes.  If you are not sure which to get we have always found that (and others agree) that the best weightlifting shoes are made by Adidas.

adidas weightlifting shoes
Modelling my Adidas weightlifting shoes

Do I Have To Take Part?

Of course not. We don’t want you to feel like you are required to take part in this program or have a fear or missing out if you don’t take part. While we may ask our higher level of rafting members to take part in some sort of fitness regime, if you are a hobbyist, it simply is a requirement.

But if you have any interest in improving your overall fitness then we definitely recommended that you take advantage of the program.  The benefits that come from it no only apply to rafting but also many other aspects of life and the fitness benefits don’t even need mentioning.

It’s great feeling knowing that you have more control over your raft thanks to having greatly improved your strength and you know that your strength will only improve as long as you keep with the program.

If you are interested in taking part, then please take a visit to your local rafting center.