Dream Boating Trips: More Ideas For The Water Adventurer

In past posts I’ve talked about some of the most exciting boating trips for the adventure traveller. We looked at canoeing high altitude lakes in the Andes, criss-crossing Europe boating down the Danube and visiting the frigid waters of the Arctic to see killer whales, seas, and other Nordic animal life. If those weren’t enough to make your traveller’s eyes water, here are a couple more dream holidays worth considering:

Murray River. Not quite as well known as the Nile or Amazon, the Murray is the longest river in all of Australia at 2500+ kilometers. Mostly in Victoria, the river is a true wilderness and travels through largely uninhabited lands. The largest town on the river only has a population of some 80000 people. For kayakers or canoeists it’s an ideal spot to be in nature but beware of snakes and other dangerous wildlife.

Lake Malawi. This lake in southern Africa probably isn’t the first holiday destination in mind for many people not from the area, but for people from the region it’s one of the most popular spots to visit. At 26000 sq km, it’s a massive lake and larger than the entire country of Macedonia, and just a bit smaller than Belgium. The region has been inhabited for thousands of years. During all the time people have fished in its rich waters and David Livingstone, the first European to visit the lake, gave it the nickname of ‘Lake of Stars’ because the lights on the anglers’ boats looked like stars. Not only ideal for water-rats, the whole country of Malawi has a lot to offer both culturally and as far a nature is concerned, making it a perfect holiday destination.

The Rhein. This river in western Germany is one of the most idyllic places in all of the country. It’s probably what most people picture when they think of rural and romantic Germany: a river meandering through hills and vineyards with castles and quaint villages dotting the landscape. With so many things to do along the river, there’s hardly a chance to get bored, even for people who don’t particularly enjoy being in a canoe or kayak. And for anyone who enjoys being on the water but isn’t a fad of paddling, there are many tour companies that offer river cruises, which is a great way to see this beautiful region without doing all the work of organising and boating.

These are just a couple of the ideas for my dream holidays. While I haven’t been to Malawi myself a friend told me that it was one of the best trips she’s ever been on and it’s at the very top of my personal list as soon as I can get the funds to fly there. As for the Rhein, I’ve done it three times and it never disappoints. Stay tuned for more trip ideas in the months to come.